Partners & Associates

Ramsay MacDonald

Retail Director, Certas Energy (Gulf Motor Fuel)
Retail’s Best has been the standout event of this year it gives you the real opportunity to meet with people in a relaxed and informal setting. Congratulations to the Retail’s Best team for creating a new business environment.

James Hall

Group Director of Symbol, Bestway Group
Retail’s Best, with its innovative format in bringing together successful, forward thinking retailers, who want to develop their business, offers us a great opportunity to grow the Best-one estate.

Guy Pulham

Manager, Regional Sales, JET
What better way to bring our year of 60th anniversary celebrations to a close than by supporting an event that sees some of the UK’s biggest and most successful names in independent forecourt retailing come together.

Adrian Felton

Development Director EMEA, Oracle Retail
The format at Retail’s Best events of having non-competing partners is really good, giving the retailers focus and giving the vendors good access and effortless networking opportunities.

Debbie Robinson

Managing Director, SPAR UK
Retail’s Best was a great experience and exceeded all expectations. Having the opportunity to meet a high-calibre group of independent retailers and forecourt operators to discuss future business over the course of a relaxed and enjoyable event was refreshing. It was definitely worth attending.

Colin Reeve

Director EAME Development, MICROS CFS
The event was very well organised. The format of having only four non competing partners is really good, giving the retailers focus and giving the vendors good access and effortless networking opportunities. Retail’s Best worked with professionalism and delivered a great event that was enjoyed by all who attended.

Paul Courtney

Business Development Director, Londis
Retail’s Best has been one of the best opportunities for networking and a great investment for generating new business. The excellent support for this new event, from both suppliers and retailers, is testament to its success. The partnership approach really worked and the Retail’s Best team made sure that everything ran smoothly from start to finish.

Brian Madderson

Chairman, PRA
Retail’s Best is without a doubt one of the most refreshing and exciting new events to take place in the convenience and forecourt industries and the PRA is proud to be an official supporter.
Sub partners & Exhibitors

Adrian Beeby

UK Sales Director, Tokheim
Retail’s Best provides a successful formula for engaging with both new and existing clients and participating alongside strategic suppliers in the industry.

Clive Steel

Managing Director, AIRServ
We were a little concerned at first when we were invited to participate but we have found the event to be extremely valuable in the sense we have been able to capture new business opportunities exclusively.

Neill Collier

Business Account Manager Nestle Professional
It’s a good networking environment with a focussed approach.

Ross Gibson

National Account Manager, Gamble Foodservices
The food was superb, the venue great and the quality of people attending really stood out, they are the decision makers.

Ian Hughes

Affinity Development Manager, Bluefin
These are fresh leads to us. It’s been a great networking opportunity and the enthusiasm of the people who come here has really bowled me over with their willingness to talk business.

Neil Foster

Director of Sales & Marketing EK Williams
We had really good discussions with retailers and I think we’re going to do some really good business as a result.

Sarah Freeman

Sales Manager of Henry Howard Finance PLC
We feel there has been a really really good quality of retailer and forecourt owner and it has been great getting in front of the decision makers within the businesses.
Guests & Visitors

Sindy Prince

System & Int Control Manager, Rontec
We have over 200 sites and I shared a table with a retailer who has just a few sites, yet it was refreshing to know that we share the same problems and issues.

Joseph Richardson

Managing Director, Jos Richardson & Son
It’s a short, snappy event, which means that we can all get back to our businesses in the morning. The mid-afternoon starting time moves smoothly into the evening event, with no hanging around.

Aziz Patel

BP & Nisa Retailer
This event is very informative. The food has been absolutely delicious it was better than my wife’s cooking, but I wouldn’t say that at home!

Gil O'Neil

Managing Director, Protheroes
We came here today with the idea of looking at what a particular supplier has to offer. It’s been a very relaxed and there is been no hard sell. What we found is what’s on offer is certainly worth considering.

Sarah Jones

Director Hoffnant Stores
It’s a very impressive event. I found it extremely useful with lots of new things, especially from the supplier partners.

Dee Sedani

Director, News R Us
Words can’t capture the quality of tonight’s event. The catering was absolutely fantastic because you had a good mix of Asian and Western food. It’s an excellent way of networking and getting to know the team behind the brand and business. I definitely like to attend more events like this!