Food Frenzy 2020


Retail’s Best Food Frenzy

Retail’s Best Food Frenzy is putting the excitement back into retailing, giving a platform to challenger brands that are shaping the future of food and drink retailing, shaking up the industry with their NPD and delivering elusive growth for the next generation of food and drink concepts.

It’s a real opportunity for these innovative challenger brands and the latest ‘on trend’ products by big brand incubators to meet some of the biggest names in independent specialists from farm to fork, multiples, independent forecourt & supermarket operators, coffee shops and health food shops in a relaxed and informal setting.

Taking place in the evening, the event will be relaxed, unhurried and perfectly timed to provide the optimum environment for building business relationships, combining a drinks reception and contemporary food hall experience alongside a ‘smart exhibition’ and plenty of time for networking.

Our expertise is in creating a relaxed and engaging environment giving guests, partners and exhibitors effortless networking opportunities to socialise, develop closer ties with one another, share ideas, drive innovation and grow their businesses.

Attendees said they would like more industry customer nights and would definitely come again
21% have bought FTG from a c-store in the last week (30% for under 35yrs) *
41% have bought FTG in a supermarket *


“Generation Z (under 25yrs) get little enjoyment shopping in convenience stores, it is viewed as a functional interaction rather than an enjoyable experience. They prefer to spend their money on experiences, rather than ‘stuff’ so getting the in-store customer ‘experience’ right has never been as important in order to meet the needs of these future shoppers. They want unique experiences, with genuine value.”
According to a study carried out by KAM Media with 1,000+ adults in the UK.


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